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We have been dealing with cutting and milling wood for a long time.

We can cut and mill large format boards and smaller products. We mill using a CNC milling machine , which we use mainly for milling patterns in wall tiles or, for example, for milling acoustic ceilings. For cutting, we use both formatting saws and a vertical semi-automatic formatting saw from the ELCON brand.

We also have log saws. Our workshop is fully equipped for carpentry work.

Formatting saws, edging machines, etc.


WEEKE BHP 200 CNC machining center

WEEKE BHP 200 CNC portal milling machine


We mill large-area formats, both wooden and materials such as HPL, AluBond and many other materials based on plastic and aluminum.

We machine both primarily for our needs, but also for external companies or private individuals.


ELCON Advance formatting saw

The highest range of ELCON saws - model ADVANCE


This saw has unique mechanical collets for holding the boards from above and thus the possibility of cutting from below without the need to rotate the entire board. This solution significantly increases cutting performance while reducing operator effort. Only one person can operate the saw.


It is mainly used for cutting surface materials based on wood, plastics, aluminum alloys, their combinations or building materials.

Milling and cutting wood

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